Garlic Pickle


  • Kerala Homemade garlic pickle
  • Free from all preservatives
  • Used Farm fresh garlic
  • Premium Quality garlic
  • No added artificial preservatives
  • Naturally fermented in healthy oil and spices
You already know the advantages of garlic and the marvels it can do for your health. So what else do you need when it’s brought to you in the shape of a wonderfully tasty pickle? Indian cuisine would be incomplete without a condiment like a pickle since it gives extra flavours to the dish and we all know that “Spicy food is the primary concern” for the majority of Citizens. In our nation of ‘Unity in Diversity, where individuals of all cultural backgrounds coexist peacefully, each individual not only follows their own culture and traditions, and they also have diverse cuisine and clothing preferences.

Benefits of Garlic pickle

The garlic pickle is one pickle that can certainly be classified as a health supplement. This pickle is a taste topper, a taste favourite, and it packs a punch with numerous health advantages, which leads us to the pickle universe’s star – Allium sativum….. What do you think? In scientific words, it is what garlic is called. Pickling garlic also necessitates scientific precision. The best garlic harvest is carefully chosen, cleaned, and stored with the purest oil and freshly crushed spices. The end result is a tasty pickle overflowing with the flavour, fragrance, and health benefits of garlic.


  • Garlic is helpful to the heart and blood valves It lowers the dreaded LDL cholesterol level.
  • It possesses anti-cancer and anti-tumor effects.
  • The liver protects the body by eliminating poisons. Garlic has the ability to protect the liver, which acts as a bodyguard’s bodyguard.
  • The best food for individuals who are trying to lose weight.
  • The best medicine for all those who have digestive issues are also this garlic pickle only.
Shelf life: 9 Months


Garlic, Turmeric powder, Fenugreek powder, Sesame Oil, Mustard Seeds, Curry Leaves, Ginger, Asafoetida, Vinegar.
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Additional Information

250 g, 500 g

Shelf Life

6 months

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