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Best Pickles ideas & traditions from the whole Kerala

History of Koottukari Food Products:

is, one of the best traditional food manufactures in Kerala. Koottukari’s kitchen displayed a traditional blend of natural product and spices rather than the artificial and fading modern trend. Koottukari, shell out unique and veritable pickles from its traditional kitchen. History


A traditional outlook on the right food

The use of natural best quality products

World's best Chef and Nutritionist

Behind the taste

Sindhu G Nair

Sindhu G Nair

Founder of Koottukari Food Products
Anandhu Manoj

Anandhu Manoj

Young chef

Our journey of taste

The master brain and the butler behind the taste is Mrs. Sindhu G Nair, a lady entrepreneur with tasty ideas. From a homemaker she stepped into the world of business as an owner of a Bed and Breakfast. With her tasty food and care she stealed several hearts throughout her eight years of successful service as a homestay legatee. She is not ready to end up with this title so she scrolled for a new venture with the self realization of her mastery in cooking. She discovered her true talent lies in cooking and found joy in serving delicious foods. From the serving bowl she found that the pickle is a side dish without which an Indian meal is incomplete. Here marked the birth of koottukari food products. Her elder son Anandhu Manoj, a chef by profession and a few other home makers also joined with her in this new venture.

Koottukari serve all pickles without compromising the quality. We collect all ingredients directly from farmers and fields without losing its traditional touch. koottukari’s kitchen enriched with the varieties of pickles, homemade curry powders and spices. Now we have hundreds of satisfied customers as our strength. Now the name koottukari itself signifies the meaning, she is a real friend for those peoples who loves the traditional taste of Kerala.